Cyber Security - Auditing - Process Management

Cyber Security

Instant CISO

Secure your Cyber Security? Get certified? Set-up your Information Security Management System? Prepare for certification?

Fast Results

Don"t make things difficult when they are not: that is what leads to fast results

Super Flexible

Instant CISO, adjusts to the needs of your organisation

Modular building blocks

Employ the Instant CISO for a complete project or for distinct building blocks

Transparant in costs

Transparant budgetting based on milestones

TripleCheck Auditing

  • Document reviews,
  • Internal audits,
  • Audit preparation,
  • Pre-audits
  • Audit workshops

Auditing with a human touch

Process Management

Get in control

Role based

Define processes to move the business from person dependant to role based effectiveness

Document your business processes

Documented processes ensure the outcome and enabling efficiency improvement

Improve time-to-market

Design your business processes to improve the time-to-market for your innovations

Fit in existing organisation

Flexible developed business processes enable plugging into existing organisation

Process platform agnostic

Process development on standardized platforms

Thorough implementation

Thorough implementation leads to engagement and appreciation